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Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire Physically and administratively located within NH's Dep't of Health & Human Services Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, the Partnership offers media resources and a lending library to the general public and funded organizations. Much of the material is trickle down from national/federal agencies and is not copyrighted. We access audio public service announcements, video, and print material in person or via mail. Internet based access is available from the national site Partnership for a Drug Free America . - Paula - Free IT and leadership podtcases from CIO. (Pam Weisberg, October 20, 2009) - The AMA offers podcasts on a wide range of topics, at low or no cost (Pam Weisberg, October 20, 2009) - The Center for Creative Leadership offers free podcasts on varied leadership topics online Pam Weisberg, October 20, 2009)

Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder. It's a great way to add a recording to your website for the auditory learner. (Christine Sacco, October 21,2009) - Website containing a library of sounds to add to your course site (Christine Sacco, October 22, 2009)

Garageband is a piece of software created by Apple as part of the software suite called iLife. All mac computers come loaded with this suite. It does have a little bit of a learning curve, but easy to get the hang of. Originally the software was created as a self-made recording device for instruments, but has become very popular for voice recording. Apple provides excellent video tutorials on how to use the software .... there are even tutorials on how to learn to play the piano and guitar when you are not concentrating on work. -Meredith Perkins - A Website containing sound effects in .wav / .mp3 format you can use for free. All sounds are uploaded by users and are creative commons licensed. There'e almost 80,000 sounds so far and I've yet not to find what I've been looking for - James Pearce