Resources to help users cite sources correctly.
This site guides a user through the information needed for citing materials. It can be used for MLA, APA, and more.
(Contributed by Jenn Peebles, October 20, 2009)

For clearing copyright: (yes, shameless plug for my own company!) Try "Quick Price" to determine if reproducing your content is within your budget before invoking a purchase. I realize this was in our materials for the week, and doesn't really belong under citation resources, but I figured this was the closest place. (Katherine Meuse, October 25, 2009) - yes it costs a bit of money after the free trial, but having been out of the academic setting for many years, I found this site helpful when trying to figure out how to cite sources in my project bibliographies. Supports MLA, APA and Turabian formats. (posted by Nan Temby, Oct 29, 2009)