Use this page to list other instructional tools in addition to games, audio, video, and visuals.

Survey Monkey - a great tool for creating online surveys. Basic surveys are FREE or for a nominal fee you can get more in-depth survey results and analysis. (Posted by Kendra Herlig, week 6 assignment, October 18, 2009.) - similar to Survey and well-priced. Has some nice features to learn the software very quickly including 2-minute tutorials and webinars. Also hosts a zoomerang community for sharing survey templates. (posted by Nan Temby, October 29, 2009.) - repository of online training tutorials for a variety of software programs. There are several that are no cost, or there is a low cost for an annual subscription. (posted by Pam Weisberg, October 19, 2009).

MindMeister - MindMeister allows users to create mind maps online for free. The maps can be shared with other users, so that multiple people can brainstorm together. Contributed by Patricia Nugent. With this program (CMap Tool), we can create concepts maps. It is a great tool to use it during the process of creating our trainings and courses, because it allows us to visualize the entire course. (Contributed by Angela Jimenez, October 22, 2009)

Media Converter This free tool will help you convert several types of media files into other file types. Specifically, it can convert the following file formats: 3g2, 3gp, asf, avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, ogg, rm, wav, wma, wmv - Meredith Perkins

Google Mapsis a great tool that can be used in instruction, whether using one that is already created, or creating your own in "My Maps." It is easy to learn and allows for interactive online learning. (Posted by Mel Potoczak, October 22, 2009)

Doodle is a fun and useful tool that allows you to create polls, schedule meetings and set up appointments. It's quick and easy. We actually used it at work recently to set up a meeting among a handful of staff and it saved so much time rather than going back and forth to determine everyone's availability. (Posted by Mel Potoczak, October 22, 2009)

CamtasiaEvery day, thousands of people around the world use Camtasia Studio to train, teach, sell, and more...using video! It's the easy way to demonstrate a process, a product, or an idea. (It does cost $299 but if your instution has it then I strong suggest biting the bullet and learn how to use it!)
(posted by Bob Desilets, October 23, 2009)
Camtasia for Mac - And finally, Camtasia for Mac! Currently on offer for $99 - James Pearce

PowerPoint Link Template
Originally created using PowerPoint 2003, but revised in PowerPoint 2007. 2007 version made it difficult to draw fine details, so used Microsoft Word used to draw the cell, then copied & pasted into PowerPoint. Action buttons and settings, hyperlinks and triggers create interactivity. Click on an organelle to reval an organelle name. Click on the name of the organelle to see more detail. Animation effects (entrance, exit and motion paths) help demonstrate how the organelles work. (posted by Bob Desilets, October 23, 2009)

DimDim Web Conferencing. Hold your own web meetings at no cost. Not as robust as tools like WebEx, Elluminate and Wimba but it will allow for synchronous web meeting with audio and video.

Wink is a free screen capture tool. It can be very useful for software training. You can record yourself clicking through the application and add voice over.
(Laura Barreiro, November 1, 2009)